Play Toys and games improve children’s physical movements, improve communication skills, express their feelings and emotions and resolve inner talk or conflicts and develop their problem-solving skills.

WePlay Learning Cube

An All-in-1 Creative Cube Set! 6 Panels can be connected into a larger play platform or assembled into a cube, and thus offering 2D and 3D games. 4 shaped blocks for basic shape recognition, including circles, triangles, squares, and stars. The shape blocks in 3 colors (Red, Green, and Blue) and 3 heights (6cm, 4cm, and 2cm) off the concept of height and sequence. The mirror panel stimulates visual exploration. The number and dot panels introduce numeral concepts.

WePlay We-Blocks Minis/28

Colorful tactile panel now turn into magic 3D Construction! 5 different shaped panels make construction fun. Various structural frames, such as windows and square frames, offer various visual effects. Different textures on the panels offer tactile stimulation. Stackable panels for easy and efficient storage. Stimulates children’s observation abilities and interests in exploration. Build up teamwork during group creative play. 28 Pcs.

WePlay Infinite Loop

It is a small product with great fun! In the overall shape of 8, it is inspired by the philosophy of Oriental Tai-Chi which explores physical potentials through the essences of movement, symmetry, and circulation. Grip the handles with both hands. Try to keep the ball running by repeatedly opening/closing the tracks.

WePlay Tricky Fish – Blue

This item is a MASTER CARTON of Blue Tricky Fish. The Master Carton contains 12 individually packaged Tricky Fish in Blue. Each set comes with a Fish, Enclosed Ball, and a Loose Ball. The Weplay Tricky Fish is a handheld coordination maze. Each side has a different level of skill. 

WePlay Jumbo Circus

Welcome to the CIRCUS! These cute and colorful blocks with elephant shapes in 3 sizes bring many levels of fun and creative imagination. 2 blocks can be combined into s circle for a rolling game. Stackable blocks bring different levels of stacking games. Planks come with notches and can be used as seesaws for balancing concepts.

WePlay Twiggle Toss

Twiggle Toss is designed for Toddlers with Cute Animal shaped rings, a lower height for play at their level, and beanbags tiny enough for their hands. This toy combines the classic ring toss and bean bag toss while rocking back and forth for a fun and difficult toy. The rockable base design can increase the challenge of a tossing game. Three different holes in the base can hold the Y-shaped Twig vertically or inclined to create various games. 

WePlay Maze Balancing Board

Weplay Maze Balance Board is an intermediate balance board that improves balance coordination to a higher level. The snail labyrinth pattern on the board provides challenge and amusement when users move the ball back and forth. This all direction board helps increase attention span and balance.

WePlay Stepping Stones (3 PRS)

The Weplay Stepping Stone (set of 3 pairs) help kids work on balance and coordination. The pebble-like stilts have rubber anti-slip guards and adjustable ropes. Once the ropes are removed, the stilts can be used as stepping stones, both sides can be used to train for balance.

WePlay Tactile Straight Path (8 PCS)

The Weplay Tactile Straight Path is made up of 8 rectangular board pieces that can be arranged into different routes. Each board has bumps on top that stimulate the soles of the feet while providing a balancing grip.

WePlay Rainbow River Stone

Bring the beauty of nature inside. The Weplay Rainbow River Stones are a set of 6 stackable stones that can be stepped on or jumped upon. Inspired by the happiness of jumping over the stones by the river, the product officers fun activities with the colorful components. Each size of stone has different slopes. Stacking one over the other to create different challenges for users with different needs.

Recommended Books

Learning and Growth aren’t always easy. Below are a few books that we highly recommend to help both you and your child(ren) along on the journey.

The Five Love Languanges for Children

Does your child speak a different language? Sometimes they wager for your attention, and other times they ignore you completely. Sometimes they are filled with gratitude and affection, and other times they seem totally indifferent. Attitude. Behavior. Development.

Boys and Girls Learn Differently!

Boys and Girls Learn Differently!: A Guide for Teachers and Parents [Paperback]Michael Gurian (Author)


Between the ages of twelve and twenty-four, the brain changes in important and, at times, challenging ways. In Brainstorm, Dr. Daniel Siegel busts a number of commonly held myths about adolescence—for example, that it is merely a stage of “immaturity” filled with often “crazy” behavior.

Showing Up for Life

A heartfelt, deeply personal book that shines a bright light on the values and principles that Bill Gates Sr. has learned over a lifetime of “showing up”: lessons that he learned growing up during the Great Depression, and that he instilled in his children and continues to practice on the world stage as the co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Healing Hearts

Creating peace after divorce. Most people marry with the expectation of permanency. But if the time comes to divorce, parents quickly learn that they must now relate to their former partner in a different way. Healing Hearts is a guidebook written by two women who have endured the trauma of divorce and recovered.

Raising a Secure Child

Today’s parents are constantly pressured to be perfect. But in striving to do everything right, we risk missing what children really need for lifelong emotional security. Now the simple, powerful “Circle of Security” parenting strategies that Kent Hoffman, Glen Cooper, and Bert Powell have taught thousands of families are available in self-help form for the first time.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

Imagine you had a roadmap—a step-by-step guide to help you get from where you are now, to where you want to be in the future. Your goals, your dreams, your plans…they’re all within reach. You just need the tools to help you get there.

Auto B Good: EJ and The Bully

The Auto-B-Good storybook series is based on our five-time Emmy® award-winning animated series. Each 48 page storybook is brightly illustrated with stunning 3D art and tells an exciting story that teaches an important character trait. Children will love reading about EJ, Izzi, Cali, and the rest of the gang as they learn what it means to have good character!

Telling the Truth

Help put an end to bullying and violence by focusing on and teaching positive peer interaction. These motivational readers allow you to double your instructional time by teaching children important character-building values while promoting practice with their reading skills. 

The Big Buna Bash

When Almaz makes a mistake in school, she’s really embarrassed! Other kids tease her because they don’t understand her Ethiopian culture. How can she use her family’s traditions to make friends? She needs to host a BIG BUNA BASH!

The Judgmental Flower (Building Relationships)

Help children develop emotional intelligence skills in learning to accept and value differences in others. The flower patch has always been the same. Purples hang with other Purples. Blues hang with Blues. Talls hang with Talls. Shorts hang with Shorts.

Social Skills Activities for Kids: 50 Fun Exercises for Making Friends, Talking and Listening, and Understanding Social Rules

What are the Dos and Don’ts for making and keeping friends? How can you decode body language clues? What’s the best way to keep a conversation going? Just like learning multiplication tables, social skills don’t come naturally―every child has to learn them. Luckily, this book makes mastering social skills super fun with 50 awesome activities.

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