optimal serenity coaching & personal development

We Encourage Parents to Spend Quality Time with their Children to Strengthen Family relationships.

optimal serenity coaching & personal development

We Nurture Positive Parenting Communication Skills for Optimal Family Serenity.

optimal serenity coaching & personal development

We Support Parents Build Empathy in Kids to Connect and understand their feelings and also Take someone else’s perspective.

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Welcome to Optimal Serenity

At Optimal Serenity LLC, we understand parents are the ultimate life-skill educators and role models for their children. Children look up to their parents for guidance, empathy and most of all heartfelt parental love. Therefore, we encourage parents to sharpen their parental skills from time to time to connect better with their children and to raise caring, resilient, and responsible citizens.

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Our Services

Enjoy navigating through our various services and Get in Touch to get a free 30-Minutes consultation about our coaching and personal development services, upcoming classes, workshops, etc. We are here to nurture families and we look forward to hearing from you to discuss your need!

Parent & Child Coaching

If you feel stuck when it comes to understanding your teenage child, make an appointment to meet with Coach Saba.

Personal Development

Personal development leads to happier relationships with yourself and others.

Family Retreats

Our retreats give you and your child a fun hands-on opportunity to practice what you’ve learned in personal development and coaching. 


Additional assistance

Our Classes

All classes are available for parents and children. Classes for parents are conducted separately from the classes for children.

Co-Parenting Two-Parents Two-Homes

(Approved by Virginia Judicial Court)

The purpose of this course is to help Divorced or Separated parents shift the focus on the child, addressing psychological, physical and emotional impacts on the child.

Optimal Serenity Parenting Seminar

This course helps you to better understand developmental stages and parental practices in order to help improve parent-child communication and reinforce skill training. 

Time Management

This class teaches you how to use time efficiently to accomplish short and long-term goals, as well as, helping to find balance, allowing you more time to spend with your family.

Discipline for Children

Discipline is to follow rules, respect limits, and be organized. Discipline is not punishment. In this course, parents will learn how to manage their behavior and their misbehaving child. This course also teaches children to follow the rules, become a responsible and respectful member of their families and their communities.

Conflict Resolution

The purpose of this class is to help parents manage stressful and difficult situations during the different developmental stages of their children. 

Effective Communication 101

Would you like to improve your communication skills with your children or partner? This class helps individuals express themselves clearly, openly, and confidently.

Anger Management

This class teaches you how to use various anger management skills to defuse anger and prevent psychological and social problems linked to anger.

Looking for Children's Learning Resources?

Play Toys and games improve children’s physical movements, improve

communication skills, express their feelings and emotions and resolve

inner talk or conflicts and develop their problem-solving skills.


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Optimal Serenity is not a counseling service for therapeutic or other medical needs. Coaching sessions should not be used as a substitute for an individual's medical or psychological requirements .

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