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Our Vision

To strengthen parents and children relationship, so they live in harmony and lead a successful life.

Our Mission

To nurture and empower families and communities through personal development, coaching, fun-filled field trips, and family retreats.

Our Values

  • Trust – Be confident in your personal and family matters
  • Compassion – Listen with empathy
  • Respect – Give you non-judgmental service
  • Commitment – We keep our promises
  • Honesty – Extend genuine feedback
  • Accountability – Hold you accountable to complete goals set during the program

More About Saba Berhane

Welcome to Optimal Serenity LLC. Saba Berhane is the founder of Optimal Serenity LLC. Optimal Serenity was founded in 2009 but reopened for business in 2020. Saba is a parents and children personal development trainer and a life coach.  She is also an approved parent educator by Virginia Jurisdiction. 

Her focus is to nurture, inspire, encourage, guide, empower and support Parents to strengthen their family bonding and also nurture them to raise respecful, resilient, and responsible children.  Saba learned how to set goals, meet objectives, and assist others to do the same. She understands the many challenges families face balancing, work-life, and social obligations. Her goal is to give you the parenting toolks you need to bring OPTIMAL SERENITY your home and communities.

Saba understands that there are no cookie cutters or guarantees for good parenting or assurance that your kids turn out the way you want them. But she knows that her multitude of parenting tools can nurture your parenting skills. Optimal Serenity parenting programs include personal development, coaching, and fun-filled family retreats. Saba always has a passion for helping, mentoring, and coaching people.

She is always ready to extend her hand to support others. Saba is optimistic, authentic, creative, and a fountain of great ideas and energy.She brings to you her passion, commitment, authenticity, and well-designed parenting and children programs. Saba is ready to extend her services to support you and your families raise confident, resilient, respectful, and responsible children.

Education & Training Credentials

  • Nurturing Program Facilitator
  • Family Ministry Counseling Program graduate
  • Co-Active coaching Institute graduate
  • SUN Coaching graduate
  • Certified Etiquette Mom program
  • Undergraduate degree – Business Administration/Accounting from California State University of Hayward

Spoken Languages

  • English
  • Amharic – Ethiopian Language
  • Tigrigna – Eritrean & Ethiopian Language

Saba said "I am with you, Come and Grow with Us" – Saba Berhane